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Over Mobile App Update

I have used this app a few times and honestly I like it, but that is not why I am sharing about this update. I am sharing because I love how Over utilized this app update to communicate with their audience where they are.

Communicating where you audience is will increase your reach, awareness and return on investment faster than anything else will. If you are struggling with content engagement you need to evaluate it by asking yourself three questions.

  1. Is my audience here? Knowing your Target Audience is extremely important to marketing success. If you are publishing content where they are not you will yield very little results - this is why I do not have a Facebook Page any more.
  2. What is my audience engaging with? You need to look over your analytics to see what your audience is or is not engaging with. This will help you create better content to increase engagement. 
  3. Why am I publishing content here? If you are not here for what your audience is here for then you will be left there alone because they won’t bother with you. Each marketing avenue has it’s own audience so create and publish content specifically for them on that avenue.

Thanks for reading. If you found this helpful please share and share your thoughts with me.

MeetUp Mobile App Update

Here is time for some honesty. I just downloaded this app last week because a great friend, mentor and advisor suggested to. He also suggested I use it to host my own MeetUp to introduce myself to more clients. I have not done so yet, but looking forward to doing that.

If you are a MeetUp App power user let me know what your thoughts are about it in general and this update.

If you are hosting a MeetUp about marketing let me know and maybe we can host one together. 

Keynote Mobile App Update

This Keynote mobile app update is awesome. I have to say I appreciate this app because I enjoy creating presentations and sharing them. 

I am excited to test out this new update, but I really like what has changed. For starters the ability to Export to PPTX format is huge. I like the idea of being able to illustrate on slides as I am presenting - could take out the need for a whiteboard. I tend to draw on paper or whiteboard while presenting but being able to do that this way is super cool.

My favorite feature though is the ability to share in “view only” mode. I will be giving this app ago very soon.

Kindle Mobile App Update

Kindle produced an app update that will increase user ability, making it a little more user friendly. I personally do not use this app enough to say if this is a major or minor update. If you are a Kindle App power user please give me your feedback, I’d love to hear from you on this.

I must say I loved the Kindle App prior to the update, but this update is a welcomed one.