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Over Mobile App Update

I have used this app a few times and honestly I like it, but that is not why I am sharing about this update. I am sharing because I love how Over utilized this app update to communicate with their audience where they are.

Communicating where you audience is will increase your reach, awareness and return on investment faster than anything else will. If you are struggling with content engagement you need to evaluate it by asking yourself three questions.

  1. Is my audience here? Knowing your Target Audience is extremely important to marketing success. If you are publishing content where they are not you will yield very little results - this is why I do not have a Facebook Page any more.
  2. What is my audience engaging with? You need to look over your analytics to see what your audience is or is not engaging with. This will help you create better content to increase engagement. 
  3. Why am I publishing content here? If you are not here for what your audience is here for then you will be left there alone because they won’t bother with you. Each marketing avenue has it’s own audience so create and publish content specifically for them on that avenue.

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MeetUp Mobile App Update

Here is time for some honesty. I just downloaded this app last week because a great friend, mentor and advisor suggested to. He also suggested I use it to host my own MeetUp to introduce myself to more clients. I have not done so yet, but looking forward to doing that.

If you are a MeetUp App power user let me know what your thoughts are about it in general and this update.

If you are hosting a MeetUp about marketing let me know and maybe we can host one together. 

Keynote Mobile App Update

This Keynote mobile app update is awesome. I have to say I appreciate this app because I enjoy creating presentations and sharing them. 

I am excited to test out this new update, but I really like what has changed. For starters the ability to Export to PPTX format is huge. I like the idea of being able to illustrate on slides as I am presenting - could take out the need for a whiteboard. I tend to draw on paper or whiteboard while presenting but being able to do that this way is super cool.

My favorite feature though is the ability to share in “view only” mode. I will be giving this app ago very soon.

Kindle Mobile App Update

Kindle produced an app update that will increase user ability, making it a little more user friendly. I personally do not use this app enough to say if this is a major or minor update. If you are a Kindle App power user please give me your feedback, I’d love to hear from you on this.

I must say I loved the Kindle App prior to the update, but this update is a welcomed one.

1 Password Mobile App Update

This is the craziest mobile app update I have seen in a long time. When you think you are done scrolling to see what has been updated it just does not stop. It is a reinvention of their app - pretty much sums it all up. 

I use 1 Password on my computer and phone to securely store personal and client information. It is extremely secure and easy to use - plus it’s free. I highly recommend this app if you want to store or generate passwords or credit cards. 

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Check out Engaget has to say about this update.

I am sharing this not because I agree with it but for three simple reasons.

  1. The response time. If you look at this infographic you can clearly see the focus of a brand on social networks is to post content rather than reply to people, which means engagement is not top of mind. That is a shame because engagement is the number one thing you can do to increase your reach. Let me clarify - engagement is not about posting content it is about replying to people’s comments. The focus is all wrong here.
  2. Twitter. This is solely my opinion so take it for what it’s worth to you. I have found far more engaging conversations on Twitter than any other network because I can engage one on one. For me Facebook is a message to the mass of likes then an attempt to reply to each comment is extremely difficult - although they added the reply button. On Twitter I can post to the mass of followers I have but still carry on a conversation with each one individually rather than in a group setting. For me I see the growth in Twitter as a sign that people are beginning to get it.
  3. Did anyone else notice the number of fans on Facebook? 7 million and 10 million - yeah right! Most brands I know, that do not have an internal marketing team managing Facebook has less than 500K likes. The only one I know of currently with over 1 million is the K-LOVE Radio Facebook Page. That is about 10% of their weekly listening audience. One thing I gotta say about them is that they focus on responding as much as posting, which is better than most brands.

In 2014 I would love to see a shift in company or organizations social mentality go from content driven to response driven. One day brands will realize the consumer has a majority of power and they do not. 

Here is my little secret: Successful social marketing takes 100% effort from the brand and 100% effort from the customer. It the brand puts forth 100% effort but the customers don’t then you see the brands focusing on content creation, but if the customer engages that inspires the brands to do the same.

Note to the customer: First we are all customers so when your favorite brands post content - engage. It’s the “do unto others” principle, apply it and you will see it benefit you.

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Let me begin by saying - I spend much more time on social networks, content creation (blog writing, audio scripting, video scripting and social) and looking over analytical data than 60 minutes a day. Two reasons why.

  1. You cannot rush good content. The fact that people think you can do all this in 60 minutes a day baffles me because if you want to be heard you have to create quality content - not focusing on quantity. Quality takes time. 
  2. I am constantly reading for research, even if it’s on a social network, blog posts or within analytics. For me knowledge is a necessity, it helps me help companies and organizations.

Just to be clear, I also create content for clients. Working for clients takes time because I have to take the following steps to be effective for them.

  1. Learn as much about their business, products, services, locations, staff and customers as possible in the first two weeks of working with them.
  2. Create a strategy that includes all marketing assets, how each asset should be used and when that asset will be used.
  3. Build a team, in a perfect world it would be an internal team, of content creators for specific networks. 
  4. Train a team to effectively manage the marketing and take the steps to reach the marketing goals.
  5. Implement the training through consultation and through project management - providing progress reports that include analytical data.

In a perfect world every client would be able to afford to take every step, but each business has it’s budget limitations. Although mostly it’s due to lack of knowledge.

Also, I wanted to clarify that you can manage your content and analytics in 60 minutes per day, but make sure you are focus on quality.

Thanks for reading! If this has helped you, or confused you, please let me know. 

Wow! Now this is an app update! Facebook’s Paper app really did listen to most if the complaints and produced an app update from them.
Honestly I used this app a lot when it was first released, but not in the last few months. Why? Great question. I stopped using it because of the things I did not like about it, which was:
The continuation of the images without being able to stop them or go back.
I really could not stand how slow it was.
There is more but I want to save you time. I can tell you that I will be checking the updates out and posting my thoughts on them soon.
Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to check back for my thoughts on Facebook’s Paper app.

One of my favorite tools to use on the web is slowly becoming one of my favorite to use on mobile as well.
HootSuite was my number one content publishing tool for a LONG time, but in the last year it’s slid into my number two spot. However with this update they could be creeping back up to number one.
Although there are no significant additions the improvements have been a long time coming. Now we shall put them to the test!