About Me

Strategic marketing consultant training the right people for the right role, guiding them down the road of implementation and analyzing data along the way.

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Me in a Nutshell

For years I have been known as the social media guy, but I am capable of far more than just “social.” It’s time to set the record straight.

My focus has always been holistic marketing but what makes me unique is my social perspective, or point of view. It is not about social media or social networks, it’s about turning a business into a customer friendly lead generating well oiled machine.

I am a strategist first, I enjoy taking all the pieces available to a company and using them to increase their return.

I am a project manager second, making me capable of creating a strategy and implementing it with team members.

I am a data driven decision maker, third, making me a triple threat and capable of creating a higher return for my clients.

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My Skills

  1. Strategist 70%
  2. Consultant 60%
  3. Trainer 40%
  4. Analyst 90%
I have a passion to help local companies and organizations succeed by connecting with their target audience through the use of strategically planned marketing content. See more of my skills.

  • Figure out your messaging and give it a name.- @MichelleM
  • If you don't start telling yourself a new story, the story of your past may keep repeating itself.- @AlejandroReyes
  • Your content should speak to your audience, not at them.- @GaryWinchester