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I’m not sure what you enjoy doing at night before settling into bed, but my typical night is watching a movie or episode on my iPad while washing the dishes. There are nights where I get a lot done, there are nights I hardly get anything done and there are nights of just being in silence.
I have learned complete silence is obtainable but takes sacrifice and practice. I’m not there yet, but silence for me is so refreshing because I play worship music and write down my thoughts or just sit quietly and just listen.
I feel like I came out of a relaxing time when I have these moments of quiet. I get to shut my mouth, calm my brain and let things go. I write certain inspired thoughts down because it resonates with me, like it a thought given to me for where I am in life. Thoughts that leave me in awe, or often in tears.
There were so many songs that spoke to me and that I truly love. I’m so thankful for Christian Music, the artists and their willingness to share songs with us on YouTube.
Side note: Spend time this week praying for your favorite artists and your church worship team.