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This is one of my favorite songs by Lecrae, but I admit that I love this cover version by Hollyn the best. Maybe it’s the piano or something but the lyrics are so powerful in this version.

“All I have ever needed is you..you by my side thick and thin, don’t let go.” Those words hit me hard because of everything we have gone through as a family, the ups and downs take their toll. When you have someone willing to be with stick with you it is so powerful. I know that is not always the case, from what I have seen and experienced. Having someone there for you through it all is amazing because it is a direct representation of how God is always there for us.

One person outside of God can provide the comfort or healing we need. It is not fair to put that much pressure on them, it’s like asking them to carry a mountain. Instead recognize God is using them in your life. I am so grateful for the support from my wife and children, it has always meant a lot to me. I still recognize that comes from God using them in my life for His purpose and plan for me.

Just as God uses me in their lives for his good plan and purpose in their lives. This song reminds me to be grateful for those I am with!