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Hey podcast listeners thank you so much for joining me. I’m your host, Gary Winchester This is the real life podcast episode six, and in this episode I’m interviewing my good friend, Erika Potts again. She’s from You can find her there and connect with her from there. But in this episode, I get to talk to her about the fitness mindset.Sorry I paused for a second because I had to make sure I got the name of the episode correct, but we talked about having a certain mindset when doing, fitness, or kind of having that mindset, but we also later episodes we will talk about working out, and supplements. And then in our final episode together we will talk about her essential oil journey and she gets to share some of that with you.I really hope you enjoyed this episode because it was a lot of fun to record. But it was really awesome to kind of break things down and just share our thoughts and opinions about fitness and having a certain type of mindset going into it, and during it, so that you can come out on the other side and in a better place than when you start.So let’s get into the episode.

Gary Winchester  16:45  

So I’ve noticed the mindset with fitness. And and this is probably I’m probably going to shoot higher but I’m gonna say 98% of the people believe this, that fitness is all about weight, weight loss, muscle gain. And that’s it. I mean, that’s, that’s what it is for them. Unless you’re like an athlete, then it’s all about, like, how can I maximize what I can do for my job? Right? And I still feel like that’s, I still feel like that’s the wrong mindset. Like, and I struggle with it coming from working at a gym and I was a coach at a place called sports specific training. Where we did it was very similar to CrossFit. But it was all about weight loss, muscle gain. It wasn’t holistic fitness, and the sense of being like healthy so what, when you talk to a client when you get somebody, okay, timeout. I got way ahead of myself. People don’t even know who you are. So let’s start with you introducing yourself. And then we’ll talk about your kind of like concept and mindset of fitness.

Erika Potts  18:12  

Okay, um, so do you want a little bit of my background in fitness or just say hey, I’m your box.

Gary Winchester  18:19  

Whatever you want to talk about, like you could talk about fitness oils like I mean, we’ll get into probably like how long you been doing oils and when you started like when we get into

Erika Potts  18:27  

that sounds good. So I’m Erica pots. Um, I am currently a four years in wellness advocate with Tara and I’m also a fitness instructor. So that’s been since

Unknown Speaker  18:40  

the 80s

Erika Potts  18:42  

was my introduction.

Gary Winchester  18:45  

So you started being a fitness instructor in the 80s.

Erika Potts  18:49  

So I took an aerobics class in high school. I’ve always been very thick because I’m Dutch. And this teacher was like a groundbreaking teacher and she was an awesome PE instructor and She started a robot classes a plus or high school in 1986. I took my first aerobics class, my body shrunk and shredded, and I was like, I’m in. I’m in. And then I watched Believe it or not the movie called perfect with Jamie Lee Curtis. And then I decided I wanted to be an aerobics instructor. That’s what inspired me. And then I I learned everything about how do I become an aerobics instructor and I would try out at certain gyms, you know, sit in front of a person and pretend like I’m teaching a class but it was the it was the movement. It was the movement that sold me and what it did for my body. And I thought if there’s other women out there, struggling like me with thick bodies, I the answer for them. Plus, I felt so good. So that’s kind of where it all gave birth.

Gary Winchester  19:49  

Nice. That’s cool. So when you went from did you go from aerobics to any kind of other instruction or what was your journey like?

Erika Potts  19:58  

So I started out with Regular aerobics, then step aerobics, then cardio kickboxing, then bodybuilding, then jazzercise, then Junior jazzercise and then dance exercise. So that was kind of the timeline of everything I’ve taught.

Gary Winchester  20:17  

Wow. kind of taught a lot.

Erika Potts  20:21  

Yeah, and my favorite cardio kickboxing and jazzercise so dance exercise and just punching and kicking your heart’s content in a class. Those are my two favorite.

Unknown Speaker  20:33  

Nice. So what kind of instruction do you do now?

Erika Potts  21:12  

Now I am a personal trainer. I’m not doing any fitness classes. I’m tempted all the time. But now I meet one on one with clients two reasons. Number one, it’s pays way better. One on one client paying as I get paid better than a fitness class. Um, so that’s mainly what I do now is I just have private clients.

Gary Winchester  21:33  

So do you have any kind of prerequisite when you take on a client

Erika Potts  21:40  

for who they are who I am, both

for the client, honestly, I’m willing to interview just about anybody. And just my current season, I’ve interviewed quite a few people. I had a gentleman come in that had complete muscle atrophy after having a motorcycle accident and My faith is strong. And I know God can do anything. So I’m willing to consider anybody. But right now it seems like my main stream is middle aged women and above those are the ones that seem to be my jam.

Gary Winchester  22:12  

Awesome. You know where your niches?

Erika Potts  22:14  

Yeah, yeah, I think so. It’s like we can endure through we can get rid of our middle middle weight. And then yeah, like your topic was talking about this is way more than weight loss This is it’s way more than that and so I am in agreement with you it’s, that’s not the main goal. The main goal is finding that that person inside that’s in there that might be covered up with a little bit of chunk. But when you start to feel this is the biggest thing with my clients even before they reach their weight goal is when they start to feel stronger. I have my clients come and say guess what I will I was able to lift this thing over my head and help my husband move this thing or my garage door opener got stuck. And because of the last 24 hour power outage And I was able to lift the garage door opener. Those are huge for these women because that means they’re independent when their husbands aren’t home, they’re able to do this. And I mean, I was like, high five and like, yeah, that’s awesome. So that’s before the goals reaches the strength they’re gaining. And that changes everything about a person, their character, their, um, even if you don’t look in the mirror and see what you want to see inside you feel good. And that comes first anyway.

Gary Winchester  23:25  

Yeah, so that really does talk about mindset. You’re my like your kind of take on the mindset. What I’m sensing is like, you want to really help somebody internally, which will help them mentally and then the kind of the result of that is physical.

Erika Potts  23:46  

Yeah, you do the internal first. And all these other things fall into place. It’s beautiful the way it works, and they catch on to that and then there’s days where they come in and they’re frustrated. Like, you know, we’ve been doing this for three months and I haven’t reached my goal. Like, well, we need a little bit more time. But then the battle they have is I haven’t reached my goal but yet all these other things are happening. So,

Gary Winchester  24:09  

yeah, yeah, it’s interesting because one of the things

my wife and I were talking about was

when, when we would do we did boxing for a couple years. And I mean, I totally lost a ton of weight I i shredded down a little bit, but I didn’t recognize it. I would look in the mirror I still think I was fat when I was on hundred and I was 160 pounds. And I’m five foot six, so being 160 like, like 12 to 14% body fat was like, I was in really good shape, but I didn’t see it for myself. I never saw it for myself. And so that’s that’s why I say the mindset is focused on weight loss, but the problem is When you mentally look in the mirror and you see all this you start picking yourself apart now you’re going to continue to pick yourself apart later. And you may notice oh I’ve lost weight but there’s always the caveat that will be but so I so I like you’re talking about how you’re talking about it being internally first and then you’re starting to see external results.

Erika Potts  25:26  

Well, it’s funny when I started out back in personal training year ago, I never thought I’d ever come back into the fitness field because all of my medical issues and I was so sick for so long, I never thought I’d be well enough to teach and that’s the crazy part is God actually brought me in back into personal training so overweight myself. And then I in my mindset was, Why are they going to listen to me Look at me. And they never mentioned my weight once actually, when I started to transform just a little bit my clients would be like, gosh, Erica, by the way, you’re looking great. So I don’t I didn’t have to be all put together before I started teaching them. I’m on my own journey while I’m on on the journey with them. Now, it’s very humbling because I would rather just be like, hey, just follow what I do. It’s like, No, I’m actually alongside you doing this with you. That is super uncomfortable, okay. But that’s what they love about me, is the realness of it. And like I said, it’s an uncomfortable place for me. But that’s where I started. You were one of the people like I shared that inspired me. You said, in your gift of encouragement, you said, You know what, they’re strangers in my gym, some of the best trainers in my gym how to reach their goals yet either, but they inspire people. And I’m like, that was the thing. I’m like, that’s it. I’m in and I started training again. Wow.

Gary Winchester  26:43  

That’s awesome. That’s encouraging to me. Yeah, I mean, coming from working in a gym and fitness, and being surrounded by that. It was interesting because when I was in the sales position, we had the sales competition. But we had an internal competition of body fat percentage. So my, my boss at the time, was like 10% body fat, and I was, I was teaching and I was training and I was doing all this stuff. And I got down. I was 170, but I was eight and a half percent body fat. And I beat him out a couple months in a row and he lost his mind. Like, I mean, he went stupid crazy at the gym ended up hurting himself. And I was like, Dude, it’s not like and that that right there at the time. My mindset was strength and weight loss. And again, I was at eight and a half 9% body fat constantly. And I was done. I was overweight. I thought I was. I mean, I literally would see my look in the mirror and be like, there’s that fat guy. You know, I look at pictures down in like on Jesus. high waisted that

Erika Potts  27:58  

that was just what I was gonna say. is what we’re learning is you’re missing out on all the things that are happening. So you know, we have our plan. But there’s all these other things that there’s all these blessings that come with our plan that we miss out on just for so too super focused on that on the physical. So, yeah, isn’t that huge? Our minds are so powerful. I had many moments in the last couple of months where I had that realization of how powerful My mind was and I actually got mad about it and I’m like, I don’t want to know that information. I don’t want to know how strong my mind is. I want to have an excuse.

Gary Winchester  28:35  

My ignorance is bliss.

Erika Potts  28:37  

Yes. And then when you know then you like john it I don’t want to know.

Gary Winchester  28:41  

Now I’m accountable.

Erika Potts  28:44  

Dang it.

Hey, thank you so much for listening to this episode, I had a great time recording with Erica pot she’s a really good friend of ours. My wife and I love her and her husband Dan so much they’re amazing. You can totally connect with them at oils for the men calm. That’s oils, the number for the men mend calm. It’s going to be really fun because in our fourth episode when she talks about her essential oil journey. She’s going to share with you the meaning behind oils for the men. I’m super excited about it. It’s really cool. I had a great time recording with her and I hope, in all honesty I really hope that comes out. And these episodes and I hope you enjoy them if you have any questions for her. Connect with her and our website if you have any questions for me or have any feedback. Please connect with me at Gary Winchester. com. There’s many ways you can connect with me through that, and around that. If you want to leave me a voice message about the podcast, visit, forward slash Gary Winchester. You can actually go on your computer or phone and go to that website and leave me a voice message. And it may be featured in a future episode. But I really hope that. In this episode we really like conveyed a good message about how you can have a good, healthy mindset around fitness and come out on the other side, even better than you did when you came in, and I hope you enjoyed this episode, I appreciate you for listening so much. And until next episode, thank you so much for listening.

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