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Welcome to the Gary Winchester in REAL Life podcast, I am your host Gary Winchester. This podcast is all about my life as a full time stay at home dad, Essential Ōil Guy and co-founder of Winchester Ōils.

In this episode I will talk about music,  the bounce back and emotional stability.

Music Soothes My Soul

I love music! I love Christian hip hop music the most, something clean that has a great beat. One of my all time favorite songs is by DC Talk from their FREE At Last album, “Lean On Me.”

I grew up listening to music all the time. I fell asleep with my Sony Walkman playing music. For those of you who do not know what a walkman is, ask your parents or someone thats 37 plus. I was in the church youth choir, I loved singing, creating mixtapes and recording myself like I was a radio show host. Guess I did not grow up in that area yet.

I noticed that when I listen to music I am focused, energetic and excited about the task or chore I am currently doing. I also noticed it can change my mood from angry to happy or from tired and drowsy to energetic. Music really does soothe my soul.

Recently I was watching TV on my tablet while washing the dishes, at the end of the movie I noticed I did half the dishes I intended to do. The next day I only listened to music while doing the dishes, I did all the dishes and had time to spare. I went beyond my own expectations when I listened to music but I fell below expectations when watching TV. The difference is that I check out when watching TV but when listening to music I am engaged in what I am currently doing. This is why I will play music more than watch TV, from now on.

The Bounce Back

I have been trying to teach my kids about what it means to fail but having the drive to bounce back. This is not an easy lesson to teach to a 7 year old and a 3 year old. My youngest just has no idea what I am talking about because he is almost 2.

My two oldest kids try really hard to understand the lesson of the bounce back.

Trying to let my kids learn what it’s like to fail, but it’s difficult not to step in at the right time.

I really focus on teaching them by setting an example when I apologize, ask their forgiveness and move forward.

Emotional Stability

Used to medicate, be angry all the time…this was not an easy time for me because I was not myself. I found myself yelling at my oldest son all the time, over nothing. I did not like this and found an alternative by accident. Now I can’t stop talking about it.

I found pure, safe and natural Essential Oils were my solution to depression, anger, focus and so much more. I can’t imagine life without them, honestly. If you are interested in learning more just comment below. There is 3 other things I have done to help also.

Journaling has been one of the most valuable things I can do. It keeps me from being just negative. It also allows me to vent in a safe private place. Taking a ton of weight off my shoulders.

Prayer has been crucial! I talk to God all the time. Some times I am angry but He never turns his back on me.

I have started  meditation periodically but plan to make it a regular thing to do in 2018. Meditation for me is like studying the Bible, listening to music or just focusing on something other than a task.

Wrap Up/Conclusion

Let’s wrap this episode up with a nice bow. In this episode I talked about…

The ability music has to soothe our mind, will and emotions.

The bounce back opportunities we have in life.


What I do for emotional stability.

Thank you!

Thank you for listening! I really do appreciate the time you take to listen and for the opportunity to share my life with you. If you found any value in this episode please share.