Well, I am back on WordPress. 

My journey has taken me from Tumblr to Weebly to Wix to WordPress and back again. I have been looking for the best user experience on mobile. Tumblr was ok, super easy to post content on mobile but the customization was completely lacking. I could not get my website to the look the way I wanted on mobile and the options for customization were just not realistic for me. 

As a stay at home dad and entrepreneur I am constantly working on the go so I need a platform that was super user friendly on mobile. I need to be able to post content quickly while using my mobile devices and share them easily. The WordPress App now allows you to do that. It is really awesome, so far. I have tested it a few times and I like what I see so far. It’s not perfect but it’s better than what I have been using.

What do you think about publishing content on mobile for your blog?