We started using essential oils over 3 years all because we thought it would be a great business opportunity while giving us an opportunity to help people. I did not think it would change my life. I dove into classes, books and some research on how to use essential oils for me, my family and how they can help others. It was an interesting process, but when the iTOVi Scanner came into our lives it was a complete game changer. I no longer had to search for symptoms to discover what the issue could be and guess at what protocol to create. Our iTOVi scanner has eliminated all of that because it provides us with a report showing us what our body truly needs. In 2019 iTOVi updated their app and report. We absolutely love it because it provides more detail and completely reveals what possibly could be going on with you all inside one mobile app.

In the scan party discover for yourself what your body is telling you it really needs. You don’t have to buy anything, but if you find something you like I will help you order it.

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