Hey what’s going on podcast listeners! Thank you for tuning in/listening, I don’t know. I like saying tuning in coming from the radio world, it’s a lot easier because you tune in. So that’s funny. Anyways, thank you for listening. I appreciate your time.

So, with the new launch of my podcast I’m supposed to upload a new episodes every Monday or Tuesday or Thursday or Friday. I’m trying to give myself a little bit of a window. Honestly, a little bit of grace because I am a full time stay at home dad and the rest of the time, I’m an entrepreneur and supposed to be a good husband. That’s debatable! That’s not what I’m here to talk about. I wanted to have a podcast episode today so I am doing whatever it takes to try to stick to that. The reality though. (Cough) Sorry. Excuse me. The reality is, I could have had a podcast episode up and ready to go live this morning like I was supposed to. I chose not to do that. I chose other options.

It’s really easy for me to find excuses. It’s really easy for most of us, I think, to find excuses to not do something. Most of the time it’s me getting in my own way rather than things actually falling into my lap that distract me or pull me away from what I want to do or what I need to do. It’s more like, I’m searching for things to distract me so I don’t have to do what I need to do or should do. For example, I have three episodes completely recorded, not edited. And all I have to do is spend 15 minutes, editing, because that’s the amount of time I give myself to edit podcast episodes. And I could have had planned for it to upload automatically this morning. I honestly chose not to do that. I came up with excuse after excuse not to do that.

Now, if I’m going to stick to my guns and do what I’m supposed to do I have to do a podcast episode like this. So, I’m sorry the quality is not very good, it will get better over time but I appreciate you for listening. For those of you who are still listening. Thank you. And if you continue listening passed this point that’s totally AWESOME. I’m recording this in my car as I am picking up my kids from school, but I wanted to just share how easy it is to come up with an excuse not to do something. Yes, I have some valid excuses. Absolutely, a sinus infection which sucks! This last week, prostate infection, really, really sucks!

So currently, what am I doing to actually help improve my health. Honestly, I’m not doing much I really am revealing things here. I’m an essential oil guy by name, but I’m not really not using them as I should or as I would suggest other people to use them if they were in my same situation. Now, granted, I did use them a lot when I first got the sinus infection. When my sinus infections usually come on, I can feel it, I get the scratchy throat. I’ve had two sinus infections this year. When I get sinus infection, there’s a lot of pressure in my head and headaches and scratchy throat and I get a lot of cold symptoms. Sometimes it turns into a cold, and sometimes I get my kids sick, which really sucks, but I actually use the oils quite a bit and I kick it.

Here’s what happens when you use homeopathic or natural remedies, natural things to really kick colds or infections. You don’t use it and then you’re done. I think we’re so used to medication you take one to two times a day or you take once every six to eight hours or once every 24 hours whatever the dosage, and recommendation is that your doctors give you were used to taking it and kind of being done with it, right, and with natural solutions or homeopathic essential oils really is what I use 98% of the time, to help me with things. I use them and it started to kick it. But what happened is I stopped using them so it came back. It kind of goes along with if you don’t get rid of bad thoughts and bad habits. When you start to kick them and you think they’re done, you ease up and you’re like, oh I don’t have to be on top of this, you know, these thoughts, or these bad habits anymore. It’s kind of a once and done thing.

Well, it’s never a once and done thing because those bad habits don’t just come back, they bring friends and those negative Gods don’t just come back, they bring friends. If you believe in them. And, and God and the Bible like I do, I’m not saying you have to but the Bible talks about this where if you cast out one demon hope, and don’t clean your house. They’ll bring back more, so it doesn’t say it like that I totally botched that scripture. I know but the principle of it is kind of that. I might edit that out. That was horrible. Sorry. I was saying, if, if I want to really kick something using essential oils. I need to stay on top of it. And here’s the deal because essential oils process through our bodies quickly within two to three hours. Some people say between one and two hours. Just knowing my body and seeing how it’s, it’s worked, I’ve noticed, every two to three hours if I’m not taking something, it, it starts to wear off and boom I start, you know, going downhill quick. So, that’s really like what it boils down to is there’s no real excuse for me not to have a podcast episode there’s no real excuse for me to still have some scientists issues, it’s, it’s really boils down to escapism and not really wanting to deal with the situation.

I generally in my mind go into escapism, I’m not just being lazy. But the reality is, I’m not really a lazy guy, I can be but I appear to be lazy because I’m escaping into something else. And usually escape because I’m overwhelmed. And I was looking at my calendar and my task, and they just keep compiling because I haven’t gotten to all of them. So the ones that I don’t do I move over to the next day and I move over, like the ones that are important the ones that are not important I just sorry I didn’t get to it, you know, is it going to matter if I get to in the next day or the next three days then know then, you know, I’ll come back to it or I’ll put it, you know, in a later week or time or whatever. And I’m getting better at that. But also I haven’t been doing my calendar I usually get up daily and write down a thought and that helps create it helps push my creativity for the day. And the other thing that makes me complacent.

Really, when I go into escapism is when I kill the creativity in me. I really wanted to do a video the other day, but I was feeling extremely crummy, and just not really energetic and my thought was nobody wants to see a crummy feeling guy who’s not energetic on a video. Well, that crush some creativity in me which causes me to crush more creativity, which causes those those negative thoughts come in that self doubt comes in and starts building and building and building. This is totally not where I was planning for this podcast episode to go, but hey this is where we’re at.

I just wanted to encourage you to break the cycle, now recognize, have some self awareness and recognize right now. Hey you know I’ve been complacent. Because, like, don’t just go into I’m being lazy or I’m lazy, go into why like really dig into why and that’s the more I dig and find out okay well why am I being complacent. Why am I escaping What am I escaping from and I started digging in man I really find some truth about myself. And, and uncover some wounds that I’ve tried to bury, and it helps me to actually start healing. This is not something that has come easy to me. It’s not something that comes natural what comes natural is just kind of go into the surface level of your being lazy you’re worthless. You know those negative thoughts. But when I really like get past that like okay, is that the truth. Like, what really is the truth here let me dig in and find what the truth is about this situation. Now, Granted, there are situations where I’m super lazy, where I’ve just choosing to be lazy and not doing something, but I’m usually choosing not to do it because I’m choosing something else and why am I choosing that other thing is really what it boils down to.

So, anyways I hope this helps you. I know I kind of rambled on a little bit longer. This is not my best podcast episode. But I’m working on getting better at it. So, thank you so much for listening. If I brought you any value, let me know. If I didn’t bring you any value. Let me know if you listen to this for like 30 seconds or five seconds or whatever. Actually you’re not going to be on this part so if you’ve listened up to this, this point right now. Let me know some feedback, I just want to know Are you listening, why are you listening what what made this interesting what you didn’t like about this episode. What you think I can do better, or what would be more interesting to you. That would be awesome. So thank you again for listening, all the way up to this. You’re awesome, I really do appreciate it. So, until next week. Have a great weekend, have a really good weekend before Halloween.